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    Conclusions from the review of the safeguard opinions issued to date

    Protective opinions issued by the Head of the National Tax Administration (KAS) are an important tool for providing legal certainty to taxpayers. Faced with potential tax proceedings, taxpayers can apply for such opinions, which protect them from the risk that their actions will be considered an attempt to circumvent tax law. In our latest blog post, we will take a look at some of the significant decisions of the Head of KAS in recent months regarding issues such as restructurings, reduction of depreciation rates, simplification of ownership structure or cross-border mergers. We will analyze both the content of these decisions and their economic context to show how these opinions affect everyday business practices and tax management.

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    PSI – Traps of applying zonal relief

    Taking advantage of the Polish Investment Zone’s preferences is an attractive option for investors seeking tax benefits, but such benefits are not without risk. Recognition of eligible costs, inability to take advantage of simplified transfer pricing documentation, and potential revocation of support decisions are just some of the issues that can expose entrepreneurs to unexpected complications. In our latest blog post, we examine these risks and the Polish Investment Zone rules to help investors better understand what these preferences may mean for their business operations.

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