Terms and conditions for booking a meeting with a tax advisor

§1 Definitions

  1. The following terms used in the Regulations have the following meanings:
    1. MartiniTAX – Martini i Wspólnicy Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw (00-867), Aleja Jana Pawła II 27, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, XII Business Division of the National Court Register under number: 422675, NIP 701-034-44-14, share capital of PLN 20,000.
    2. Means of electronic communication – technical solutions, including ICT devices and cooperating software tools, enabling individual communication at a distance by means of data transmission between ICT Systems, and in particular electronic mail.
    3. ICT System – a set of co-operating IT devices and software, ensuring processing and storage, as well as sending and receiving data via telecommunication networks by means of a terminal device appropriate for a given type of network, within the meaning of the Telecommunications Law.
    4. Stakeholder – a natural person not conducting business activity, a natural person conducting business activity, a legal person or an organisational unit without legal personality, who is interested in holding an Online Meeting conducted by means of electronic communication using ICT Systems.
    5. Online Meeting – contact in the form of a telephone conversation conducted through Electronic Means of Communication with the use of Information and Communication Technology Systems in order for the Stakeholder to present a factual situation related to an issue of interest to him in the field of Polish tax law.
    6. Privacy Policy – a document constituting an integral part of the Regulations, which defines the principles of processing and protection of personal data obtained and used by MartiniTAX in connection with the Online Meeting. The Privacy Policy is available at www.martinitax.pl under the Privacy Policy tab.

§2 Rules of use of the Online Meeting

  1. The use of the Online Meeting requires the Stakeholder to accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. Acceptance of the Rules and Regulations and the Privacy Policy, as well as booking an appointment, are not tantamount to concluding an agreement on the provision of tax advisory services as referred to in Article 2(1) of the Act on Tax Advisers of 5 July 1996.
  2. An Online Meeting does not constitute the provision of tax advisory services as referred to in Article 2(1) of the Act of 5 July 1996 on Tax Advising.
  3. At the latest at the time of booking an Online Meeting, the Stakeholder is obliged to provide MartiniTAX with the following data concerning the Stakeholder:
    1. the company of the Stakeholder;
    2. e-mail address;
    3. telephone number of the Stakeholder.
  4. The Stakeholder undertakes not to provide false personal data, nor to provide personal data of another person without their permission, nor to provide an e-mail address or telephone number of which they are not the owner. The Stakeholder is solely responsible for the content of the data he provides, including liability for any infringement of third-party rights.
  5. The purpose of the Online Meeting is for the Stakeholder to present facts related to the issue of Polish tax law that interests him/her, in order to enable MartiniTAX to make an offer for the provision of tax consultancy services.
  6. MartiniTAX reserves the right to present to the Stakeholder during the Online Meeting information about the tax advisory services offered by MartiniTAX.
    The Stakeholder is obliged to familiarise himself with changes to these Terms and Conditions.
  7. The Stakeholder using the Online Meeting is entitled to a one-time free telephone consultation lasting no more than 30 minutes.
  8. In the event of a repeat enrolment in an Online Meeting by a Stakeholder who has already used it in the past, MartiniTAX reserves the right to refuse to conduct the call.
  9. MartiniTAX does not cover the cost of connecting the Customer’s equipment to the Internet.
  10. MartiniTAX has the right to be contacted by telephone or e-mail to complete the factual description necessary for the preparation of the offer for the provision of tax advice.
  11. MartiniTAX reserves the right to refuse to make an offer for the provision of tax consultancy services after the Online Meeting.

§3 MartiniTAX’s liability

  1. MartiniTAX is not liable for the decisions of the Stakeholder based on the information obtained during the Online Meeting.
  2. MartiniTAX shall not be liable for the impossibility of signing up for the Online Meeting due to reasons beyond MartiniTAX’s control or other technical reasons related to the functioning of MartiniTAX’s IT system and website.
  3. MartiniTAX reserves the right to amend the provisions of these Terms and Conditions at any time. Amendments shall become effective as soon as the content of the amended Terms and Conditions is posted on the website martinitax.pl.
  4. MartiniTAX reserves the right to completely stop offering this service at any time, without giving reasons.

§4 Principles of personal data processing

  1. The Administrator of your personal data is Martini i Wspólnicy Sp. z o.o. with its seat in Warsaw (postal code: 00-867), at ul. Jana Pawła II 27. Contact is possible via e-mail address: [email protected].
  2. The Administrator has appointed a Data Protection Supervisor, who can be contacted via e-mail address: [email protected]. The Data Protection Supervisor can be contacted with any matters concerning the processing of your personal data.
  3. Your personal data will be processed by the Administrator for the purpose of conducting the Online Meeting on the basis of your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions (legal basis: Article 6(1)(b) RODO) and for the purpose of offering and establishing business contacts (direct marketing) on the basis of your consent, which is the implementation of our legitimate interest (legal basis: Article 6(1)(f) RODO);
  4. Recipients of your personal data may be entities authorised by law to receive them. Your data may also be shared with or entrusted to other cooperating entities if this is necessary for the fulfilment of the Administrator’s tasks.
  5. Your personal data will be processed for the period of the Administrator until you object.
  6. You have the right to:
    1. Request access to your personal data;
    2. Request the rectification (amendment) of your personal data;
    3. To request the erasure of your personal data or the restriction of its processing, as well as to object to its processing, with the right only if further processing is not necessary for the Administrator to comply with a legal obligation and there are no other overriding legal grounds for processing.
  7. Lodge a complaint to the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection (ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warsaw) if you consider that the Administrator is committing irregularities in the processing of your personal data.
  8. Providing your personal data is voluntary, however if you fail to provide it, it will not be possible to conduct an online meeting.
  9. Your personal data will not be subject to profiling or automated decision-making.

§4 Final provisions

  1. In matters not covered by these Terms and Conditions, the provisions of generally applicable Polish law shall apply.