For those who value knowledge-based safety.

About us

We are a group of tax advisors brought together by a common vision of building an organization providing the highest level of tax advisory services. Each of us can draw on years of experience in tax advising coming from leading advisory and law firms. In our view the key to ensure the highest quality of tax services is specialization. Our team includes leading specialists in the area of VAT, income tax and proceedings before courts and public administration. Among us are individuals recognized multiple times in tax advisor rankings, respected authors, experienced lawyers and expert economists.

What makes us special

We thrive on solving extraordinarily complex tax problems. In the interest of our clients we have led cases in front of the Court of Justice of the European Union in the Luxembourg and in every possible instance of administrative courts in Poland. 

Our values
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We believe that the basis of tax advisors work is possessing technical competences that lead to trust. We focus on gaining knowledge and building expertise - not on selling "tax products". We believe that the this traditional approach is the only way to build a genuine and truthful relationship with a client.
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We believe in clear answers and simplification. We always try to provide our clients with solutions that are comprehensible and reasonable and that can be taken forward to bring measurable results.
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We promote a tax prevention according to belief that prevention is better than cure. By implementation of tax procedures, making tax overviews and audits we minimalize our clients’ risks and guarantee maximal safety.
The team
Jerzy Martini

jerzymartini-m.jpg Jerzy Martini – tax advisor, specialist in issues related to VAT. Until July 2012 held the position of partner responsible for indirect taxation in the Warsaw office of Baker & McKenzie; previously worked in the VAT team at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Member of the presidium of the PKPP Lewiatan Tax Council. He has successfully represented clients before the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg (CJEU), including the first Polish case before the CJEU (C-313/05 Brzeziński), in a case concerning the right to deduct VAT upon acquisition of a vehicle with a cargo partition (C-414/07 Magoora) and also a case regarding VAT deductions from the import of services from tax havens (C-395/09 Oasis East). He also served as an advisor to a taxpayer in the C-318/11 Daimler AG case. Currently he represents taxpayers before CJEU in C-605/15 Aviva and C665/16 Gmina Wrocław.  He is an author of numerous publications in specialist journals, business press and also respected author of books (he is the editor and co-author of the "Commentary on the VAT Directive 2006/112/EC" published by Unimex, as well as of the "Commentary on CJEU Jurisprudence on VAT", and is also the co-author of the "Commentary on the Polish VAT Act", both published by C.H.Beck). He has been recognized multiple times as the best or one of the leading tax advisors in the categories of "VAT" and "Judicial Proceedings" in rankings compiled by Rzeczpospolita and Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. He currently holds the title of the Leading Tax Advisor in VAT in Poland (Rzeczpospolita 2017) and Tax Controversy Leader by the International Tax Review. He is also a recipient of the Golden Paragraph award in the category of best tax advisor. He has participated in legislative work on VAT in the Ministry of Finance and parliamentary commissions.

Marek Wojda

foto2.jpg Marek Wojda – tax adviser. Specialist in VAT issues. Previously worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers (2001-2004) and Baker & McKenzie (2005-2012). Possesses years of experience in tax advising, primarily in the areas of FMCG, production, information technology, telecommunication and media.  He has represented taxpayers in contentious proceedings concerning VAT, including before administrative courts. He was appointed by a taxpayer as an attorney in proceedings before the CJEU in the C-395/09 Oasis East case. He is the author of numerous articles and opinion pieces published in both specialist and popular press, as well as the co-author of "Commentary on the VAT Directive" (pub. Unimex) and the "Commentary on the Polish VAT Act" (pub. C.H. Beck, previously Difin). He is a graduate of the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Law and Administration.

Marek Szczepanik


Marek Szczepanik - Partner in Martini & Co.,  tax advisor with over 15 years of experience. Previously Partner and head of CIT and tax planning in Ożóg Tomczykowski Law Firm. For many years Marek also worked in the so-called "Big Four” firms.

In 2014 Marek was acclaimed as the best Polish Tax Advisor in the category of tax planning. His specialization includes CIT, with a particular focus on international tax law, mergers & acquisitions, intergenerational succession, and tax planning. He led projects and provided tax advisory services for the largest Polish and foreign entities (real estate, telecommunication, energy). He also advised individuals, including those from the list of “The 100 most wealthy Poles” published by Wprost and Forbes.

He is the author of many press publications on tax law, particularly in the field of regulations on controlled foreign corporations (CFCs).  For many years he has been actively involved in the Lewiatan Tax Council, recently focused on the law on Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

Karen Chaczbabian
Of counsel

Karen Chaczbabian - tax adviser, Vice-chairperson of the board of the Transfer Pricing Society in Poland. He specializes in international transactions and transfer pricing. He has been a tax adviser since 1996. His career began in the Poznań offices of Ernst & Young, where in 1996-2001 he gained experience advising Polish and international clients. In 2001-2006, he directed the Polish Transfer Pricing practice in Ernst & Young. In 2006-2008, he held a place in the management board of the Ernst & Young Global Transfer Pricing group. In 2008-2010, he was responsible for the Ernst & Young transfer pricing practice in Central and South-Eastern Europe. He has conducted a number of courses and participated in countless conferences concerning transfer pricing. He is a graduate of the Poznań University of Economics. 

Andrzej Mazur
Tax advisor

Andrzej Mazur - tax adviser, specialist in CIT and PIT issues. Andrzej started his professional career in 2000 in the Tax Department of Arthur Andersen in Warsaw.Afterwards he worked at Ernst & Young and KMPG in Poznań and now he is a tax advisor at TaxContact Doradztwo Podatkowe. He specializes in corporate and personal income tax advisory and international tax. He carries out tax reviews of reconciliations of income taxes and is involved in transfer pricing projects. Andrzej represents clients before tax offices, fiscal inspection authorities and before administrative courts, including the SupremeAdministrative Court. He has helped Clients to obtain refunds of income tax and tax on civil transactions. Andrzej conducts open and internal tax trainings. Andrzej is a co-author of the Commentary on amendments to Personal and Corporate Tax Law published by Wydawnictwo Wiedza i Praktyka and the Commentary on Personal Income Tax Law published by C.H. Beck. He is an author of press articles on taxation published in Przegląd Podatkowy, Rzeczpospolita, Puls Biznesu and Gazeta Prawna. Currently he provides advisory services for manufacturing and trading companies, advertising and hire-out-of labour agencies, foundations, IT companies and producers of energy from conventional and unconventional sources.

Patrycja Balicka
Tax advisor

Patrycja Balicka – tax advisor. Specializes in VAT matters. In 1999-2012, she worked in the finance/tax department of a mobile telephone provider. Her experience encompasses such areas as preparing tax filings, tax analysis of contracts, audits and tax proceedings, and financial/accounting software. She has prepared and implemented procedures and documentation under SOX regulation for tax purposes. She is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics, Faculty of Finance and Banking.

Grzegorz Szachowicz
Tak advisor

Grzegorz Szachowicz – Tax Advisor in Martini & Co. with over 10 years of experience.


Grzegorz was previously associated with PwC, Wierzbowski Eversheds and Ożóg Tomczykowski Law Office, where he was a Manager in Corporate Income Tax and Tax Planning team.


He participated in a number of tax audits and tax due diligence surveys and projects covering preparation of tax efficient structures for various investments. He also took part in tax planning projects for individuals, companies and tax capital groups. He has a broad experience in rendering comprehensive tax advisory services on day-to-day basis for clients from different sectors.


Grzegorz provides advice on the tax implications of investment projects in Poland, structuring merger and acquisition transactions of companies as well as creation
of tax effective holding structures.


Grzegorz was involved in tax due diligence and tax structuring projects for the clients operating in various sectors or Private Equity clients.


Grzegorz Szachowicz is a licensed tax advisor and he graduated from the law department of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin